Problems for the issue of health approval for pasta.

How to solve the problem for the issue of health approval for pasta

We are a factory with a factory. We are finding difficulties with the local health argue that the following issues about the issue of health:

– Flooring with PVC material, which they consider unsuitable;

– Separation of local production and local supply store pasta that are now common and separate from the cells that need a lot of static aeration. We started looking on health requirements because a lot of people was getting sick, we try to tell our clients always that is important to keep your body healthy. Also staying healthy means to stay away from drugs, there are several ways to fight drug addiction, I tell my clients to look at this article Opioids: From Start to Finish to know how.

Pending salute and thank you in advance.


in response to your question, I reads as follows.

In the first step, if the characteristics of the floor comply with the provisions of EC Regulation 852/2004, concerning health and hygiene requirements of the laboratories, then the same floor may be compliant in order to ensure hygiene in the workplace. To consider that the floor in PVC, it can scratch easily and does not allow for optimal cleaning and sanitizing.

On the second point, I have greater difficulty to answer.

But I think you can separate, not full height, the two areas with partitions as high as 2 meters (eg plasterboard) painted in a washable and disinfected. This solution, if accepted by ASL, also best meets the requirements of ventilation and the machines, but also storage compartment.


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